Marles Children’s Foundation Uganda (MCFU) is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to help underprivileged children.
MCFU employs a holistic approach in our strategic and implementation plan to impact on illiteracy, diseases, and poverty reduction because the underlying causes are multi-factorial and interlinked. We therefore implement interventions and activities in collaboration with the government sectors and sister implementing organizations in education, health, social and sustainability.

Our Mission

To educate ugandan children, giving them the proper nutrition and tools to develop into productive adults, have a better future and continue the cycle for future generations while saving the traditions and culture of the Ugandan people.

Our Strategies

  1. Community system strengthening. Identify and support community leadership to coordinate and prioritize interventions. Integrate or strengthen community resource and religious group networks in healthcare, education and livelihoods. Improve community – health facility linkages and referral.
  2. Capacity building through partnering, working and training communities to develop skills for self-support.
  3. Social marketing and behavioral change communication to increase community demand for services.
  4. Catalyse specialized health professionals and associations in delivery of specialized care to rural and slum settlements where most children, women and people with disabilities reside and are in need.
  5. Healthcare infrastructure development and strengthening.
  6. Improve access to safe water and sanitation (WASH) to prevent waterborne diseases.

Our Principles

  1. Stewardship of financial, material, and human resources.
  2. Transparency and honesty with financial resources and partnerships.
  3. Accountability in all our obligations.
  4. Partnership based on mutual respect and shared values regardless of faith, ethnicity, political affiliation, and gender.
  5. Innovation with Integrity in a dynamic and competitive world, and equity with Efficiency in our operations.