MCF Junior school was started as result of the overwhelming number of un educated children in our community some of which Marles children’s foundation is already supporting with basic needs of life, the founders Mary  and Charles both former street children currently  help the homeless and orphans around Wakiso district and the suburbs of Kampala city.

With our increased desire to educate more children in the community we deemed it right to start a mission school in our community.

We believe that this school will help increase the number of educated children in this area which will help reduce illiteracy and boost the economic status of our community members and thus contribute the reduction of poverty amongst of our people.


Educate Ugandan children and giving them tools to develop into productive adults, have a better future and continue the cycle for future generations while saving the traditions and culture of the Ugandan people.


To provide education opportunities to the children, youths most especially to the orphans, needy, destitute children from financially unstable families.

School Objectives

The School is established for the following public objectives.

  1. To reach out to the needy, poor by providing them with basic needs of life such as food, clothes, education, medical care, security and temporary shelter.
  2. To promote and fight for the children’s rights by working with other organization that love and support in advocating for their rights.
  3. To establish a children’s center where every child without parents and relatives will be brought in to attain services like other children with parents

Purpose of the School

  1. To help all needy children access formal education
  2. To provide basic needs to unstable/poor families in our community
  3. Advocating for women’s and children’s rights
  4. Establishing both Kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools to provide education

Future Prospects

  1. Enlarge space for co-curricular activities for the learners (games and sports fields)
  2. Building Rehab center /Hostel for both boys and girls
  3. Purchasing land for farming for the school as sustainability plan.
  4. Vocational center
  5. Introduction of International Curriculum

Urgent Needs

  1. Permanent water Source Digging Bore hole (Water tank to harvest roof water)
  2. Furniture desks & tables, Library /scholastic materials/readers
  3. Windows, doors and glasses in Junior Block classes
  4. Food and firewood
  5. ITeachers’ salaries and Allowances